Distilleries & tours in the Scottish Borders

A wee dram? Scotch Whiskey, the story begins as early as the 14th century & the first taxes introduced in 1644. Inevitably smuggling, and illicit distilling soon followed. A common practice that stimulated the mind of the clergy & common folk to come up with elaborate ways of avoiding the tax (not much has changed on that front!)Robert Burns was the most well known tax collector, before turning his attention fully to poetry & the arts.

If Whiskey is your tipple, or you are just interested in local history, fear not, there are a number of places to visit. The Borders Distillery is about 7 miles / 15 minute drive away from Bonnie Park in the town of Hawick. The building itself is impressive and a  tour of the distillery is about £15 which includes a sip or two of their wares

A little further away, another great day out you will find Glenkinchie Distillery one of the Johnnie Walker distilleries. We advise to book your tour in advance for this one and tours are about £45 per head.

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