Light At The End of The Tunnel Part 2

After all the hard work, that seemed never ending, and time flying by, we decided to bite the bullet and set an opening date. We choose the 1st of July 2022, and although there was still much to do we were confident we could do it. So, lists were made, with late nights inevitable, the count down had begun! With four weeks until our deadline, connection to the water had finally been completed, cutting it fine to say the least! And we had to complete the following tasks:

  • Install the central heating
  • Reinstate the toilets and sinks
  • Finish the painting
  • Finish the floor tiling
  • Finish planting the hedging
  • Daily prayers to encourage the grass to grow
  • Tidy up, clean
  • And more!
  • Wall paper
  • Fit shelves
  • Fit clothes hooks
  • Paint the windows
  • Fit the guttering
  • More prayers to encourage the grass to grow
  • Mow the grass
  • Sleep!

So, the challenge was on, and the final push began. Fortunately, we were blessed with the weather being in our favour. Friends and family gave a hand with some of the painting and stone picking (thankless tasks!), and slowly but surley it began to take shape. It felt good!

A great day is when a local lad called Mark Hulme finally arrived to start our first wood carving! If I am honest, we really didn’t know how the carving would turn out. We wanted something a little different that would be unique to Bonnie Park. We chose a Salmon as our first carving and it has turned out absolutely beautiful. It stands on the right hand side of the entrance road opposite the facilities. Be sure to have your photo taken standing beside it when you stay!

Opening day arrived, and bleary eyed and still finishing last minute jobs here and there. We were greeted by Dawn & Dave from the local pub next door the Horse & Hound brandishing glasses and a bottle of fizz to congratulate us and wish us well! It was a lovely gesture and helped lift our spirits ready for our first guests.

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